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ZDT Tester




Description for Z Directional Strength Tester

Model ZDT-XP



The ZDT XP Series Tester is designed to determine the Z – Directional Strength

of Paper,  Paper Board, Tissue Paper, etc. It is a State- Of- The- Art instrument and yet simple in design and operation. 



  • A digital compression gauge, with RS232,
  • Load cell and memory built in.  Provides readings in Lbs, Kg, and Newton (N). 
  • Features stainless steel, tension rods, cabinet enclosure, control panel, platens… 
  • Software  kit for computer communication available as optional  when a new unit is ordered or as a  retrofit.

Control Panel:  The control panel depicts a Power On switch; Push Button type Start   Switch; Knob for Compression Adjustment; Power On Light and a Test On light.

Technical Data:

- Compression platen area:                        4.0 square inches.

- Load cell capacity max:                           25 lbs

- Compression Speed Rate:                       2.8 inches/minute.

- Compression:                                            set at 5 lbs. and is adjustable.

- Dwell Time:                                             set at 6 seconds ±1 sec 

- Approximated Weight:                            75 Lbs.

- Approximated Dimensions:                      20 x 22x 12 inches.

- Compression tests Platen Surfaces:          are Self-adjusting to allow 100% contact with

                                                                 top platen

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