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Sheet Former "Rapid Koethen"


Sheet Forming Column




The sheet forming cylinder is

constructed of robust stainless steel.

This Sheet Formers, which operates according to the Rapid-Koethen System, manufacture test sheets from cellulose, Wood-Pulp and other raw materials, as defined in ISO 5269/2.

The "Rapid-Koethen" sheet forming system provides a fast and reproducible method of manufacturing sheets to test the physical and optical characteristics of the formed sheet and to determine the relevant properties of the fibers in the pulp mixture. After filling the sheet former column with the fiber cellu-lose mixture, the test sheet is formed either manually or automatically, depending upon the type of control system ordered with the sheet former.

 -  Each vacuum dryer unit operates independently and is eq-uipped with its own electrical heating, electronic controller and display unit.

 -  In the unlikely event of a heater failure, therefore the remai-ning dryer units remain fully operational.

 -  Special, oil-filled dryer unit for temperatures to +140°C
    optionally available.

 - Stainless steel, plate condensors are fitted in the dryers in accordance with official standards.

 - Powerful, instantaneous, water injection and mixture swirling process in the sheet former column through a special water injection ring.

 - All operating controls are ergonomically positioned.

 -  Heavy duty water distribution system using industrial grade piping and lightproof tubing.

 -  No glass components are used, therefore no glass breakage possible (health and safety).

 -  Sheet forming column and dryer components are machined from solid stainless steel, therefore high corrosion resistance and no problems through paint flaking.

 -  Easy to clean water injection ring.

-  Short term, fast delivery of accessories and spare parts
directly from factory stock.

 -  Factory-trained service technicians for fast and competent customer service.

The compact design of the Sheet Former and its minimal size make it ideal in situations where only limited space is available in the laboratory or production area. The construction of the Sheet Formers is stylished through the use of Aluminium pro-files and easily removable, light-weight doors and panels.

A powerful Pump, which is made of bronze, is also provided in
the Sheet Former to generate the required vacuum and also for
air and water. In addition, a Return Water Filter is provided. This filter has manometers fitted to the inlet and outlet mani-folds to monitor filter contamination and prevent blockages. A large pressure differential between the manometers indicates filter contamination. In that case the filter core can simply be removed and cleaned or replaced. The acrylic cylinder which forms the sheet forming column can easily be removed for cleaning.



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