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Score Bend Tester



For measuring the force to bend scored paper carton.

Technical data

Load  Cell  Capacity :               20 lbs

Other capacities available:  1 lb to  100 lb

Digital screen:                             Large numbers easy to read   

Calibration:                                 Can be verified in the field in minutes 

Units Selectable:                       lbF, ozF, kgF, gF, N   

Calculations:                               Saves data , perform calculations 

Travel Speed  :                            Adjustable,    0 -  6   inches  per minute    

U shaped sample support:    Travel distance  adjustable 

Test bar:                                        Height position is adjustable   

Computer communication :  Yes , standard feature   via USB/ RS-232

Electric Power:                           115 volts   ( other voltages  available)    

Protecting fuse:                         3 amp

Dimensions:                               14 x 14 x 18  inches 

Weight:                                        45 lbs. 

 Standard:                                  TAPPI  T829  om-08


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