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Roll Press



This equipment incorporates solid stainless steel press rolls for consistent and uniform pressing and dewatering.



  • Constructed with stainless steel rolls and frame
  • Two 3" diameter, 14" long stainless steel, press rolls
  • Infinitely adjustable air loading to 1200 pounds force, 85 lb/inch
  • Feed and Press functions controlled independently for greater versatility
  • Feed rate of approximately 94" per minute accomplished using constant speed gear motor with chain and sprocket drive to bottom roll
  • Safety features include nip guard and emergency stop with automatic press roll release
  • Drain tray installed beneath unit
  • Drive motor 120V, 60 Hz, 1 Phase
  • Air system requires 60 - 100 psi source
  • Dimensions - 20"(51cm)w x 28"(71cm)l x 12"(30cm)h
  • Weight - 200 lbs(91kg)



  • Rubber covered rolls
  • Variable speed motor control

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