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Pneumatic Punch Press

Model P-44



Multi-cavity Square

  Multi-cavity Round

                  4 X 4 Square Die with expulsion                   

The P-44 Pneumatic Punch Press is a convenient table model. This Punch Press will take up a minimum amount of space. The P-44 needs only shop air connection for operation. For maintenance the press comes equipped with a filter-regulator-lubricator unit. The die is supported securely to the die holder, and stays in place during cutting and removal of the sample. The depth gauge restricts penetration into the table top surface


Capacity                                        7000 lbs

Approx Air Press.                         80 psi

Max. Lineal cutting edge             40”

Projection                                      6”

Piston Stroke                                1”

Die Opening                                 7/8”

Die holding dia. (pressure plate) 7 1/2”

Table Width                                  13 3/4”

Table Depth                                  11 1/2”

Machine dimensions: W 17 1/2” X D 29”X H 24”