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Manual Punch Press



Changing dies is a matter of seconds



Ring Cutting Die (donut form cut)

The B-36 Punch Press is used in Laboratories, Quality Control and the R & D Dept. The B-36 cuts soft material including textile, carpets, paper, plastic, rubber etc. . . The maximum sample thickness is 1/2 inch. The die is supported securely to the clamping chuck (Pressure plate and Gripper) and stays in place during cutting and removal of the samples. Changing dies is a matter of seconds. All dies come with an expulsion, so that the samples will be found flat on the table every time. The depth gauge prevents penetration into the table top surface.


Capacity:              5000 lbs
Max. Lineal cutting edge:  30"
Projection:            6 "
Piston Stroke        1-1/8"
Die Opening:        11/16"
Die holding dia.
(pressure plate): 7-1/2"
Table Width:         13-3/4"
Table Depth:         11-1/2"
Machine Height:    23"
Machine Width:    16"
Machine Depth:    17"
Net Weight:          100 lbs
Shipping Weight:  150 lbs

Cutting Dies

Dies are high quality cutting tools manufactured to meet an extremely wide range of applications and materials according to ASTM, ISO, DIN etc.

Cutting dies can be custom manufactured to any desired shape, or with multiple cutting dies on a common base positioned to achieve maximum production cutting with each stroke.

As always our cutting dies can be manufactured with our special expulsion system, which leaves your work piece or sample flat on the table every time.