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Pulp Disintegrator




  for the standardized disintegration of pulp prior to testing without significantly

  changing its physical characteristics. This method is in accordance with the ISO

  5263 standard.


  • Modern compact design
  • Main parts made out of stainless steel
  • Open stirrer device always in balance (cleaning of propeller and stirrer shaft!)
  • New designed hinge device - no risk on bruise
  • Unit’s stand foot easy to clean by simple spoiling with water
  • Direct drive with a powerful, low-noise flow voltage motor
  • Programmable, electronic counter for pre-selection of total propeller revolutions or running time
  • Two-line visual operating display
  • Safety start mechanism - two safety switches avoid a start of the equipment without / without
  • correct inserted vessel
  • Additional Stop key for process interruption if required
  • Robust acrylic glass vessel with four rectangular, spiraled vanes in accordance to the standards
  • Ergonomic and easy operation.

Operating the unit:

  Placing the vessel with the pulp into its correct position, the operation will begin

  when pressing the start key. During operation, the countdown of the pre-selected

  number of propeller evolutions (or the preset time) is displayed on the digital

  indicator. Under typical operation, 75000 propeller revolutions are pre-

  selected.When the countdown is completed, the propeller stops automatically.


Technical data

  • Electrical supply:         230 Volt, single-phase, 50 Hz.,
  • Stirrer speed:                 2.975 ± 25 RPM
  • Dimensions approx:    220 x 370 x 632 mm (W x H x D)
  • Empty weight:                44 kg



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