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Pick testing Waxes

For evaluation of surface strength on paper and paperboard.

17 sticks numbered from 2a to 23a

The wax test is applicable to coated and uncoated papers and is formulated to evaluate the surface strength of paper or its resistance to picking. This test may be conducted to determine the degree of sizing in the coating in relation to the required press conditions; to estimate the ease with which a coating may be removed or picked from the body stock, and the tendency of the body stock to split or the fibers to be separated under the tensile stress of the printing process. It is used in a similar manner for evaluating uncoated paper and other surfaces.

- Used in conjunction with the wax pick test method (TAPPI  T459 om-93, ASTM D 2482-93 and

CPPA D-11)

- simple, easy to use, and inexpensive.
- Testing Waxes are available in a full test kit