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Canadian Freeness Tester

Digital Model (T) with Temperature compensation

Manual Model (M )



The Canadian Standard Freeness Tester measures the degree of work done on the fibres during stock preparation (refining) and is therefore a primary tool in the evaluation of the characteristics of pulp. The apparatus consists of a drainage chamber and rate measuring funnel on a sturdy support. 1 litre of pulp suspension at 0.3% concentration drains through a perforated screen plate into a funnel provided with a bottom and a side orifice. The discharge from the side orifice is collected in a graduated cylinder, measured by an ultrasonic sensor and the result displayed digitally. The actual temperature of the suspension is measured simultaneously and the result corrected automatically. Any deviation from 0.3% is entered at the digital control panel before reading the fully compensated result in ml CSF.


• Completely made of stainless steel materials

• Tested by Paprican

• Drainage chamber made of lightweight Polyacetal (easy to handle and clean)

• 3 models available:

               – Mechanical model

                – Electronic determination of results with digital display and data transfer 

                  (pneumatic lifting)

                – Electronic determination of results with digital display, data transfer, with

                    compensation for temperature, and consistency correction


All versions:
  • Calibrated screen plate in drainage chamber
  • Calibrated jet in funnel
  • All parts made of non-corrosive materials

Version M (P41510):
  • Manual model made of non-corrosive materials
  • Opening the air-cock starts the test
  • The result is read on the graduated cylinder

Version D (P41511):
As above, but de-watering is started by pressing the “Start“button on the display. CSF value displayed digitally.

Version T (P41512):
As version D, but with keypad for entering the actual stock concentration, automatic temperature measurement and compensation. De-watering is started by pressing the “Start” button
  • °CSF or ml display
  • 3 de-watering levels for measuring the de-watering time
  • Temperature compensation (displays the actual value and compensated value)


Technical data

Electricity:                                    230 V, 50 Hz (for version D and T)

Water supply:                             None

Compressed air:                         None

Dimensions (WxDxH):              38x33x72 cm

Net weight:                                 29 kg

Gross weight:                             40 kg

Applicable standards: ISO 5267-2, TAPPI T 227, SCAN C21 und M4, PAPTAC C.1

                                      APPITA P260


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