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ABS/ABJ Analytical balanceUFP 500Sheet Mold


                               ISIMAT offers a large range of lab equipments, testers, sample

                               cutters, balances, ovens, PH meters. Our goal is to provide your

                               company with cost-effective, quality Lab Equipment for pulp and

                               paper industries.

                               We are devoted to provide our customers with quality lab and

                               test equipments; this spans the spectrum from the most basic

                               manual machines and devices used in the lab, to the most modern

                               computerized equipments on the market.

                              Not only do we have our own production line on some of the

                               equipments, but we are also the direct factory distributor

                               for  most of the companies that we represent. This means that

                               you are buying direct from the factory with no buy or resale

                               margins added to the equipment prices. We are independent

                               and represent only the highest quality and best value


                              We have years of cross-industry selling experience to bring

                         innovative solutions to your plant. Our expert knowledge of

                               paper and pulp testing enables us to bring you the very best in

                               testing equipments at the best prices available.

                              Our company's motto is to sell only the best products at

                               aggressively competitive prices to our customers.
                               We are qualified, experienced, and our knowledgeable staff is

                               here to provide you with exceptional service.


  Isn't it time you found out how we can put our experience

  and knowledge to work for you?


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